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Hi I'm Dr. Mosure-Judge, DC, MS, LMT, CCSP, CCEP

I'm a knowledgeable human, just like you. I'm experiencing life as a mom, friend, doctor, sister , and spouse. I'm trying to balance my career and family. I'm a strong woman who is in awe of all the amazing strong females out there who need to tell their story. 


My particular areas of knowledge are in health and the human body, particularly optimal sports performance. These passions led to multiple degrees and specializations in the fields of Sports Chiropractic and Exercise Science.  Currently I own and practice full time as a Sports Chiropractor in Lake Orion, MI. Check out my full background at

I always tell my patients, "health is a journey, not a destination". Our life cycle is filled with constant ups and downs. Optimal health is about learning to ride the waves of that journey, and uncovering the multiple layers that make us unique. I hope this blog can help you on your journey and can lead to health and connection in your life. You are amazing! Now go out there and share the love! 



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