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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Are you a knowledgeable woman? Of course you are! While brainstorming ideas for this blog I tried to think of the "traits" of a knowledgeable woman. Many words came to mind: Strong, Open-minded, Opinionated, Quiet, Mindful, Honest, Leader, Ethical, Fierce, Confident, Giving you can see it covered a myraid of characteristics. Then I realized a knowledgable woman is a woman who owns herself. You can have great leaders who quietly listen. You can have money, volunteer and be chairman of many boards, or you can can also be a single mom just scraping by trying to be there for her kid every day. What makes us "knowledgeable" is that we are authentic and learning something new everyday. We own our self and our situation and each day we stand on our two feet and figure out the day. My question to you is: how to you want to capture this day? You can own it, or you can tread water. I'll be honest, somedays I am on top of it, other days I scrape by, some days it feels like both! The key is, I try to learn something each day and to see yourself in a positive light. Make the best decisions each day for you. Be smart about it.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are knowledgeable!

(Photo Credit: Allie Smith from Unsplash)

I'm a female professional, who is also a mom, sister, daughter, boss, wife, etc. Life for a female is tough enough, especially when you add on additional hurdles of motherhood, business management and entrepreneurship. This space is for anyone who may have the same questions and concerns I have, or for needed support or knowledge on what life's like for a woman in today's society.

I am a sports chiropractor by trade, with added specialties of massage, exercise science, sports injuries and natural health. I am constantly learning in life, and one description that patients and colleagues typically use to describe me is "knowledgeable". When thinking of a description to describe my blog, "knowledgeable" came to the knowledgeable woman is born!

This blog will cover many topics related to females: workplace situations, motherhood (or choosing not to be a mom), work/life balance, romance, empowerment, health, fitness, mental health, nutrition

and more. I hope that the knowledge I gather can help you work on your health and well-being and empower you in your day to day life.

Comment below with some of your interests or questions you'd like me to discuss!

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